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Camping Dordogne Valley

Between Nature and Historical Heritage

Direction Périgord !!! A region where it is good to live! Embark on a gabarre and explore the Dordogne Valley, this showcase of French heritage created by man and nature! You will be amazed! Take some height and fly over the Dordogne valley in a hot air balloon for a breathtaking view! You will fly over the Cingle de Tremolat where the river forms a circle and where the nautical base of Tremolat is located. The Cingle de Tremolat is a natural lookout that reveals a unique panorama of the region. The Dordogne valley and the beauty of its castles. The castle of Beynac, a unique fortress steeped in history 35 minutes from the campsite of Trémolat les Berges de la Dordogne; the castle of Castelnaud-la Chapelle also a medieval fortress faces the Jardins de Marqueyssac and the village of La Rocque-Gageac.

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Prehistory and History

In the Dordogne valley, you will discover many caves and chasms. A 8 kms from the campsite of Tremolat les Berges de la Dordogne, you can visit the caves of Maxange, a unique universe offering you a masterpiece of nature; the Proumeyssac abyss will offer you a grandiose spectacle at 50m depth for a trip to the centre of the earth; the Padirac abyss the largest visible in Europe at 103 meters depth where you embark for an exceptional visit; the caves of Lacave where you will go down in a small electric train to discover the concretions and lakes in the bowels of the earth; the grotte de Lascaux located less than 1 hour from the campsite of Trémolat Les Berges de la Dordogne, a prehistoric masterpiece classified as a World Heritage Site; Les Eyzies where you enter the prehistoric world with its caves, cellars and museums.

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Rocamadour, a sacred city located in the Dordogne Valley, is a must-see visit to the sites of the Dordogne Valley with its caves, its sanctuary, its museums, its excursions… you will discover a Mecca of Christianity !

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The Dordogne Valley and its dams

Friends who are passionate about nature ! the Mauzac and Tuileries de la Vallée Dordogne dams located a few kms from our Tremolat campsite are a fish lift. When you visit the dams, you will see the salmon going up the Dordogne River through the window. Your campsite of Trémolat Les Berges de la Dordogne offers you a fishing accommodation for your greatest pleasure! Come on holiday in the Périgord Noir, it’s the guarantee of a rejuvenation in one of the most beautiful regions of France! The Dordogne Valley is a cultural enrichment with all its sites, it is the rest assured in the middle of a green and natural setting. Come to our 3-star campsite in Trémolat les Berges de la Dordogne ! You will spend your holidays in our magnificent Dordogne valley on the banks of the most beautiful river in Europe.

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